The mission of the EEF is to maximize the potential and development of equestrianism throughout the European continent. The EEF member countries are the European countries and some partner countries such as Turkey and Israel. The EEF’s responsibility does not end by LEADING, regulating traditional equestrian disciplines; our vision extends to PROMOTING the values and contribution of equestrianism, encouraging and PROVIDING EDUCATION based on a foundation of fair, safe competition and the welfare of its human and equine athletes by working together with all independent member bodies for the DEVELOPMENT of the sport, throughout Europe.

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EU: Erasmus+ aanvraag voor KNHS Young Leaders.

Millions of children enjoy horse riding in Europe every day, but the impact of their interaction with horses could be much stronger if their experience would be structurally enriched with teamwork, communication skills, self-evaluation and possibilities to grow. These are important skills and qualities needed in future life, both as a normal citizen or as a leader at any social level. All these skills can be taught around the animal they love so much: the horse. 

The Equestrian Young Leaders Europe (EYLE) Program aims to do just that. It stimulates and structurally develops decisiveness, self-reliance, operational and communicative skills. Young children grow through sets of tasks at four progressive levels of abstraction all the way through to adolescence and even young adults. At the final stage, the programs’ reach expands to organizational and managerial skills. Young adults trained by this youth program can truly enrich society in general but especially equestrianism and its governmental bodies, with the voice of responsible young people. In Sweden and the Netherlands, where the program has run for many years, that process has started on every organizational level. Last year the first two young adults, raised within the Dutch Young Leaders Program, were even officially appointed to the Board of the Dutch National Federation, the KNHS.

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