EU en sport: monthly reports juni en juli

Het EOC EU Office is de vertegenwoordiging van de Europese Olympische Comités (EOC) bij de Europese instellingen. Iedere maand brengt het EU Office een nieuwsbrief uit met sportnieuwtjes. Via deze website brengen we de nieuwsbrieven van juni en juli onder jullie aandacht. 

Het EOC EU Office vertegenwoordigt verder de belangen van het Internationaal Olympisch Comité (IOC) en andere belangrijke sportorganisaties op nationaal, Europees en internationaal niveau.

In de nieuwsbrief van juni staan de volgende onderwerpen:

  • Bulgarian EU Presidency: Sports Directors Meeting and Conference on Tradition and Innovation in Grassroots Sport
  • DSM: Developments on Audiovisual Media Services, and Copyright
  • Time to act for Europe: Sports Manipulation conference at the EP
  • Study on the Economic impact of Sport
  • CULT Committee exchange of views on Erasmus
  • SportHub: New name and activities regarding regional development
  • Seminar on EU funding opportunities for NOCs from Eastern Europe, Western Balkans and Turkey
  • European Athletics Women’s Leadership Seminar takes place at EOC EU Office in Brussels
  • Convention held on 19 April 2018 “Tackling Corruption in Sport - towards a strong public-private alliance within the framework of the UNCAC (United Nations Convention Against Corruption) Resolution 7/8. The Italian scenario”
  • ENGSO Policy Programme and updated statutes adopted at the ENGSO General Assembly
  • Estonian NOC visits the EOC EU Office

Het Monthly Report van juni is HIER te downloaden.

In de nieuwsbrief van juli staan de volgende onderwerpen:

  • Programme of the Austrian Presidency July - December 2018
  • Expert Group on "Skills and HR Development in Sport” – 2nd meeting  
  • Commission: Sport Unit Breakfast on the Digital Single Market
  • EU-Japan dialogue in Education, Culture and Sport
  • EP CONT Committee on visibility of EU-funded projects in Western Balkans
  • CULT Committee on employment and social policies of the Euro area
  • Commission: Public Consultation on Daylight Saving Time
  • Third meeting of POINTS Project in Prague
  • ENGSO: The first European Sport Platform on 16–17 November in Budapest
  • Estonian NOC visits the EOC EU Office
  • Dates in August/September

Het Monthly Report van juli is HIER te downloaden.



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